Health hazards due to the use of an inappropriate bra

Interview with Dr. med. Hans-Ulrich Krüger
Health risks due to the use of an inappropriate bra

It is not well known that an inadequate bra is responsible for discomfort and illness or can be co-responsible. We asked Dr. med. Hans-Ulrich Krüger, chief physician in a large rehabilitation center.

Anita: Dr. Krüger, are women forced to wear bra?

Dr. Krüger: Well, a young woman with a small chest can decide if she wants to wear a bra or not. However when it comes to sports you should use a sports bra. The fact is that in the industrialized countries of the West over 90% of women wear bras, that means that the bra as a garment is strongly rooted in our culture. To get to the root of the problem: most women wear a bra that does not fit properly or does not meet their needs. In these cases the bra does not offer its effectiveness on the movement system and on the chest, so that this carries a health risk.

Anita: Why today there are so many women who do not wear a proper bra, having on the market a wide range of models and sizes?

Dr. Krüger: Surely there are cases where bra sizes have been poorly taken. A common mistake is that the chest of a woman with a large chest volume is too wide. Many of them do not know that the chest is not only fastened through the bra straps but also fastened through the band under the chest. It is also important to know that with age, weight changes and hormonal therapies the size of bra changes. With large changes in the chest during the menstrual cycle many women can use another bra size during this period.

Anita: What are the problems arising from the use of bras with an inappropriate size?

Dr. Krüger: Here we find problems of discomfort in the shoulders and arms, deformation in the scapula, neck and nape areas, headaches, discomfort in the cervical spine and also back pain. Too fine and sharp straps can cause discomfort and irritation on the trapezius muscle and the complex structures of the shoulder bone apparatus. The free movement of the shoulder blade should not be impeded by the fastener. In discomfort in the area of ​​the shoulder blade, neck, neck, headaches and back pain should check that the bra that is being used is correct.

Anita: Are there any health problems that can be solved by the use of well-fitted bras?

Dr. Krüger: Yes for example skin problems especially in the area of ​​the lower chest. Particularly in the US, there is currently a discussion about the possibility of a connection between the use of a too-tight bra and breast cancer. Although there is no documentary evidence yet. There is no evidence of the existence of a relationship between these parties. However, many documented factors about breast cancer risk play an important scientific role in any case.

Anita: What characteristics does an optimum bra have?

Dr. Krüger: The straps should be wide and padded, the band under the chest should be anatomical, elastic and adaptable, to promote optimal distribution and reduction of strength and weight in the structure of the movement system and on other tissues with The reason to relieve these areas and not to irritate. In addition, the fasteners should be made of breathable materials that respect the skin. I want to make it clear that it is of the utmost importance that women wear the right size because even wearing the best of bras will continue to be at high risk for health problems if they wear an incorrect size.

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