Take advantage of the features

Hi all@s.

The cold is here, and once again planning to go there, because the CHRISTMAS AND ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER.

And moved away so you can select best products, we have implemented Option Features.

In this option will have a minimum of three features to choose the product.

1st. - Characteristics and Composition:

Features. - With straps, strapless, short sleeves etc.

Composition. - Cotton, satin, polyester, etc.. Example:

Homewear Women.- Satin and Straps Nightdress

Women Lingerie.- Satin Nigtgowns

2nd. - Color. - As the name suggests the color selected. Example:

Sexy Women.- Red color String

Sexy Men.- Red color String

3rd. - Size. - As the name suggests we select the size of the garment. Example:

Women Lingerie.- Panties size L

Female Intimate.- Boxer size XL

Swimsuit and bras women, the compose feature size of two, for a better selection: Size and Cup

3rd.- Size.-

Size or Contour bras. - Select the bra size. Example:

Bride Woman.- Bra Size 105

4rd.- Cup.- Select the cup (depth, current is the cup B) bra. Example:

Women's Sports.- Bras Size 110 Cup G

Wome's Maternity.- Bras Size 110 Cup F

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