The secrets of Janira, select your SECRETS

Perfect Look

All we want a perfect picture. Follow these tips and you'll make Janira. Beauty is in the interior. Dress well and be noticed inside out.

The effect that prevents markings thong

Secrets Janira is clear: you do not like at all that your undergarments are marked. So all the designs are finished, flat and without rivets, like a second skin. Discover the thong effect: the support and comfort of a slip with the invisibility of a thong, all in a single garment.

Shaped and sexy silhouette

Hide your grandmother's girdle. With Secrets Janira have the widest range of garments moldeantes or "Shaping", elegant and tendency to make you feel beautiful and sexy.Keep in check over your curves in style!

Keep your natural curves

Some clothes "Shaping" exert so much pressure to crush even those natural curves of your body that you like. The ergonomic design and manufacture of Secrets Janira respect your anatomy and enhance your beauty.

Hides cellulite

9 out of 10 women have cellulite. If this is your case, you can disguise it. The garments are made of Secrets Janira tulle that effectively collects and comfortable buttocks, hips and thighs, even sides, to leave no shadow of cellulite. Your skin will be smooth and uniform, avoiding the unsightly orange peel.



Shaping Soft
Panties Thong Effect

Shaping Medium
Thong Effect

Shaping Forte
Thong effect

Shaping Forte Shaping Extra_forte
Thong Effect
the original tummy shaper forte flat stomach corset-up extra silhouette
low waist flat stomach anti holsters flat stomach combination  
flattens holsters perfect silhouette double silhouette effect    
brazilian butt cotton collection double silhouette effect 2XL   Shaping Extra Forte
Doble Reducción
average waist cotton silueta body perfect shape  

Frontal Action Bridget

high waist cotton colotte silueta anti holsters silhouette  

Culotte Form Bridget

anti-cellulite effect
cotton colotte lace collection figure    
anticell flat tummy cotton vientre plano secret figure flat tummy    
anticell silhouette   secret figure slip    
anticell culotte flat tummy   secret figure culotte flat tummy    
anticell culotte silhouette   secret figure silueta forte    
    secret figure culotte silueta    


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