Woman pajama, three pieces, printed moles, Barandi

99,95 €
  • Product code: 40CARAMEL
  • Brand: Barandi

Woman pajama three pieces, with gown to home and long-sleeved pajamas and long trousers, stamped 40CARAMEL moles by Barandi

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Size Spain/France

Full woman pack to be as comfortable at home. Made up of long-sleeved pajamas. With button placket with a detail of tie giving an original touch. Finish your sleeves with colorful polka dots. The pants with elastic strap and with pockets. And we end with its beautiful gown to home for those cold winter nights. Polar fabric, with buttons and belt. Soft and nice, with a nice polka dot print to brighten those days of sofa and movie. Brand Barandi.

Size: From L to 2XL

Pajama composition

Cotton 100%

Gown To Home composition

Polyester 100%

My Size and Country = Spain/France - Great Britain / USA - Germany / Europe

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