Affiliate to Fioridue and earn money with your Web

Fioridue Affiliate to Earn With Your Website

Do you have a website? Want to make money with it? From Fioridue we make it easy with our affiliate program.

Just put a banner on your website Fioridue that we will provide you and for every customer you get, you get a commission of 5% of the order. If nothing else, simple. No limit on commissions, the more customers we bring, the more commission you get.

How to affiliate?

To join our affiliate program, you must have a website where you can post an advertising banner that we will provide you Fioridue. Your application for membership you must send it HERE

Once we have reviewed your website and found to conform to our policies, we will send you a banner for you to publish Fioridue. This banner, in your code, incorporate a handle to control the views that reach us from your site and purchases.

In parallel, we will give you access to a custom control panel that lets you control at all times the activity that generates the banner on your website and the commission have accumulated. When you accumulate $ 50, you will pay the commission.

You see, it's easy to make money with Fioridue and your website. What are you waiting for affiliate?


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