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FIORI was established in 1980 with the opening of the shopping center Baricentro initially had Perfumery and Fashion Lingerie, until in 2003 with the addition of a new generation of the family decided to specialize in INTIMATE FASHION Men and Women (born FIORI due) .

FIORI due Baricentro

From that moment changed our image in the center and add lines in the industry specialists. Products As our slogan for you Lingerie, estamoscubriendo a broad market spectrum, ranging from puberty to maturity through all stages of life, especially women (Maman). That is why what we have in bras and outfits on permanent display from size 75 to 140 and from the P or S to XXXL in lingerie.

Centro Comercial BaricentroTrademarks

We currently have over 100 different brands in our showroom, from passing through Bath Lingerie in Summer and Winter Pajamas and robes. Usually we have over 10,000 items on permanent display.

With this knowledge we launched today with new technologies, a new adventure in giving life to the virtual store in the same www.fioridue.es intend to make a very small and representative sample of our products and brands, covering all stages of Women (Maternity, Fantasy, Bride, Basic, Specialist and Fashion) and men providing professional and fashion line ..

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