Using the filter Features

Hi all@s.

And moved away so you can select best products, we have implemented Option Features.

In this option will have a minimum of three features to choose the product.

1st. - Characteristics and Composition:

Features. - With straps, strapless, short sleeves etc.

Composition. - Cotton, satin, polyester, etc.. Example:

Homewear Women.- Satin and Straps Nightdress

Women Lingerie.- Satin Nigtgowns

2nd. - Color. - As the name suggests the color selected. Example:

Sexy Women.- Red color String

Sexy Men.- Red color String

3rd. - Size. - As the name suggests we select the size of the garment. Example:

Women Lingerie.- Panties size L

Female Intimate.- Boxer size XL

Swimsuit and bras women, the compose feature size of two, for a better selection: Size and Cup

3rd.- Size.-

Size or Contour bras. - Select the bra size. Example:

Bride Woman.- Bra Size 105

4rd.- Cup.- Select the cup (depth, current is the cup B) bra. Example:

Women's Sports.- Bras Size 110 Cup G

Wome's Maternity.- Bras Size 110 Cup F

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