Non-wired bra wide straps Ancona by Anita Comfort

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  • Product code: 5861
  • Brand: Anita Comfort
Anita Comfort

Non-wired bra wide straps Ancona collection 5861 by Anita Comfort

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Size Spain/France

Non-wired bra. Model of high comfort, thanks to its wide straps and padded to avoid that by the subjection of the chest our shoulders hurt. It is a more specialized model for large sizes. Cheerful and original print. You will find it in a great variety of cups and contours. If your size and cup do not appear, please contact us. You can find more inside the Anita Comfort brand.

Cup: From B to F


Polyamide, Nylon, Microfiber 80%; Spandex, Lycra 20%

My Size and Country = Spain/France - Great Britain / USA - Germany / Europe

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