Non-wired, Ideal Beauty, Playtex

45,96 €
  • Product code: P05FA
  • Brand: Playtex

Non-wired, Ideal Beauty P05FA by Playtex

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Size Spain/France

Bra without rims. A comfortable model, with support and a nice neckline. Double fabric under the bust, which will give you that support without wearing rings. Tissue crossing on the sides to define the contour. On the sides of the bust is a seam to bring the chest forward. Crossed in your cups to reduce the chest. From its Playtex brand.

Cup: From B to E


Polyamide, Nylon, Microfiber 52%; Spandex, Lycra 29%; Polyester 19%

My Size and Country = Spain/France - Great Britain / USA - Germany / Europe

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