Padded bra smooth collection Rafael by Marie Jo L'Aventure

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  • Product code: 0121676
  • Brand: Marie Jo L'Aventure
Marie Jo L'Aventure

Padded bra smooth collection Rafael 0121676 by Marie Jo L'Aventure

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Color and Size
Size Spain/France

This padded bra, is very comfortable bra and put it to use as it is completely smooth and you can use it for day to day. Your clamping is very good thanks to its reinforced to make you feel safe lycras. You can see more models within the brand Marie Jo L'Aventure.

Cup: From E to F


Polyamide, Nylon, Microfiber 48%; Polyester 42%; Spandex, Lycra 10%

My Size and Country = Spain/France - Great Britain / USA - Germany / Europe

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