Tanga wide smooth Belasi woman, Terés Selección

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  • Product code: 05451
  • Brand: Terés Selección
Terés Selección

Tanga wide smooth, Belasi collection 05451 by Terés Selección

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Color and Size
Size Spain/France

Woman thong is a basic design but also very convenient. The top is finished with a rubber-free part to prevent marking. With a highly elastic fabric, so they are not very fair carvings. Its design is wide both at the waist and back. You can see more models within the brand Terés selection.

Size: From M to XL


Polyamide, Nylon, Microfiber 85%; Spandex, Lycra 15%

My Size and Country = Spain/France - Great Britain / USA - Germany / Europe

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